Tuesday, 17 May 2016

17 hours in a metal tube.

Not as bad as it sounds. The trip from Auckland to Dubai was all in the dark and I guess  that helped. We settled on to the B777 a couple of hours after sunset. Had a nice (airline) meal. Watched a movie and got a few hours sleep. Woke at my usual 7.30 NZ time took a walk around the plane and turned on a morning movie. Got the chance to watch Star Wars. Still dark so some more shut eye. Woke again for breakfast, still 4 hours out. A few episodes of The Big Bang Theory before touch down just after 5am local time. Walked for miles to pick up luggage and an easy route through processing. Shuttle to the hotel and all checked in by 6.30. Not tired but the internal clock a bit confused with a 20 hour night. Interesting fact is we followed a 380 from Brisbane into Dubai. That aircraft left Auckland about 4 hrs before us. Would I do a long flight again? Yes Westbound, not sure about other way. Will let you know when we are back home.

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