Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Kiwi visitors

Saturday 25 June.

On my own. I get into a bit of maintenance. The front doors have been sticking so after removing some gunk I re-glued the jams and forced them apart. Cleaned up part of the roof and put on some rust preventer and finally a bit of painting. Pity it rained before it was completely dry.

Sunday 26 June.

I have a good book that has grabbed my attention and spent a good portion of the morning reading. Sanded where the rain had affected my painting. Weather not looking like I should try again. Being Sunday considered a roast but didn't think having a roast by myself was worth the walk into town. Added a strip of wood to the engine covers to stop some of the water entering the engine bay.

Monday 27 June.

Diana is due back so a domestic morning. I hear from Diana & Murray that the train trip is a bit of a roundabout way with 2 changes including an hour at Crew. At Murray's suggestion I hop on a train to meet her in Crew, with us back in Stone late afternoon. Wetherspoons for diner, Curry night. On the way to the pub we pass a Kiwi from Taranaki and his partner from England. He is now resident in UK. Had a good natter before continuing to the pub.

Tuesday 28 June. 1 mile 3 locks.

Ray and Rosemary, kite flying friends from Rotorua are joining us today having flown in direct from Auckland this morning.
We have outstayed our welcome above the locks so time to move. Off back up the canal for 10 minutes where we could turn and then head back down, through 3 locks to the centre of Stone. Managed to moor up in the spot vacated by the Kiwi boat. The morning was spent cleaning up the guest cabin which is normally my workshop and storage space. After lunch we walk to the station to meet Ray & Rosemary. It has been a pleasant morning with sunshine and cloud. Shortly after we leave the station the predicted rain arrives, light at first but before we make it to the boat coats are on and brollies up. Settled into the boat then to keep awake it is into town for a look around and a coffee at Costa where power and wifi are available. Rain comes back again so we wait on board for a break in the weather before we walk the 200 yds to the pub for dinner. Rain is back by the time we finish which means a damp dash back to the boat. We have achieved the visitors aim to stay awake till late to reset their body clocks.

Wednesday 29 June.

What a wet and windy day. Do nothing until mid morning then off to Costa's for coffee, wifi and charge the devices. Lunch on the boat and weather still dreadful. Not moving today. Forecast is for a temporary improvement mid afternoon so with the first sign of sun and blue sky we set off to explore part of the canal and buildings around Stone centre ending up at Costa's for coffee, power and wifi. Dinner on the boat with the weather still OK. Looking for an early start tomorrow and show the guest locks and canal life.

Thursday 30 June. 9 miles,  5 locks.

Weather forecast is OKish. A quick breakfast and down the first lock, pull in for water before we head off showing the delights of canal travel to Ray and Rosemary.  About an hour later we moor up to explore the hamlet of Burston. We have been past a few times but hadn't stopped. What a little gem of a place to visit. So pleased we could show off the sort of place we enjoy. Mid afternoon we moor up at Great Haywood opposite a Cafe & farm shop. First stop is for coffee,  then a walk to the marina nearby to get some oil, back to the farm shop for a browse.  We were here in 2010 when it was newly opened by a Kiwi girl. It has developed considerably since then with the cafe being part of it. Then a walk into the village where we found a nice pub for dinner.

Friday 1 July.

Another activity we enjoy is visits to Stately homes. Shugborough Hall, Home of Lord Leicester, is one of the best and canals go past on two sides. We spend the day there. Luckily we are inside the couple of times it rains..

Saturday 2 July. 5 miles,  1 lock.

With a cafe just across the canal we couldn't resist their breakfast and a good coffee before setting off. I  wasn't looking forward to the turn onto the Staffordshire & Worcestershire  canal as the wind strength was up a bit. We made it around the corner and motored up a delightful stretch of canal to Stafford. Bused into the town which is rich in history and many old buildings. Another pub meal before taking a cab back to the boat as it was too hard to figure out the bus timetable. The cab was cheaper than the 4 bus tickets in.

Sunday 3 July.

Today Ray & Rosemary leave us. Once they are all packed up we take a stroll around the local area. We then trundle the bags to the near-by pub where we partake of their Sunday Roast. Next we ring for a cab to go to the station. It was not till the third company that we could get to the station in time to make their train to Manchester Airport.  They fly out to Sweden tonight.  Great to have friends on board. Memories for us in the future.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

China moves north

Friday 24 June.

Diana packed up her large suitcase for her visit to Glasgow. 24kg! 8kg a day! Not quite the full story. Most of her crocker has been taken to Murray's in preparation for our departure for home from there. If we had left it till later we would have had to maneuver 3 bags on and off trains later.
Walked to the station the long way to avoid crossing the railway twice. There we no ramps so I didn't like the idea of carrying the 24kg up and down more than I had too. After she had left it was into town to check out a few places and buy some bits and pieces. I called into all the Charity shops looking for a large scale road map. It can be difficult getting some perspective of where we are when our canal map only shows 1 mile each side of the canal. Stone is not that big so it didn't take long. Lunch on the boat followed by some maintenance. Hope to make some improvements during the few days here. Scraped down some areas of rust and  put some rust inhibitor where necessary.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Rolling to Stone

Wednesday 22 June.  ... miles  ..locks

Starting to wonder if this week is summer!  Set off passing through Barlston,  a place of memories as this is where Robert & Mary, friends from New Plymouth, joined us in 2010 on Lannarrow. Travelled at a leisurely pace through rural tree lined canal arriving on the outskirts of Stone where we can moor up for 5 days. When I say outskirts, we are about 5 mins down the towpath  to town. After lunch on the boat we make the 5 min walk and sort out some of the things that need to be done while we are here. Where  can we moor up at without being moved on,  where is the boat yard to get some work done, where is the station for Diana to go to Glasgow on Friday? etc. Then into the main street looking for a few bits for the boat. Ended up at Costa Coffee to use the free WiFi.  Ending the day with sausages & mash on board.

Thursday 23 June. 0 miles 4 locks.

Summer is still with us.  Leisurely morning chilling out.  After lunch we were planning to go to town, Diana had spotted the most Charity shops in a row so far and was keen to explore.  The boat yard let's us know the part we are waiting for has arrived and they can fit it this afternoon. Down 2 locks and pull into the yard, breasted up 4 deep. Well what an interesting day. They take out the bilge pump and it works OK. They change the switch and it works OK. They put it back in the boat at it works OK sometimes. After many attempts to figure out what the problem is and the time is close to knock off we give up and reinstate the system as it was. This isn't going to be a problem if the sun keeps shining. We get a pump out and spin the boat. I wasn't sure we had enough room but on the mechanics advise we used the pole and turned with a foot to spare. Back up 2 locks and we moor up same place as last night pointing in a different direction.  Been a long day so off to Wetherspoons for diner. Thursday is curry night.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Domestic Gypsies

Tuesday 21 June.

It was a beautiful morning waking to the sun streaming in the window at some very early hour. Not used to this.
Decided not to move and have a catch up day. I dried out the back of the boat and talked to the engineer about why the bilge pump might not be working. We hope to get it looked at over the weekend. It was wash day so the generator came out onto the towpath and after fiddling for a while it leaped into life and purred away for some time. With the generator running we have 230 volts so the vacuum cleaner came out and the electronics were charged up. We looked a bit like a Gypsy camp with the engine boards leaning against the fence, the generator running, clothes line tied to a mooring ring and other paraphernalia beside the boat. Mid afternoon the washing is almost dry so we need a walk and Wedgwood world is about 30min away. They have changed the entrance since last year so within 15 minutes we are having coffee and cake there. Wander through the free bits to see if anything has changed. I'm a bit disappointed in the style they are making at the moment. Only thing that had "class" was a brown and gold pattern. Tempted? No. The espresso cup and saucer were available at $90.00. Nice day in the sun. There is a vintage boat rally further down the track and during the day saw many old boats chugging past us.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Clouds with Silver Linings

Monday 20 June, 5 miles, 6 locks

What a misserable start to the longest day of the year. Woke to steady rain so turned over and fulled the duvet up for an extra hour. The forcast expects a brief improvement around 11, so we wait. At 11 it brightened up a bit, at least the rain had stopped so we walked up to Tesco's extra about 15 minutes away. 2 hours later we head back to the boat for lunch. Rain starts again and the forcast is talking about an improvement around 1500 and once again they we right. It has stoped raining and looking more promising so we fill with water and head off down the first flight of 3 locks with patches of warm sunshine. Stop in Stoke to pick up some rail tickets for Diana to go to Glasgow to do her Florence Nightengale bit for Murray who is having an op this weekend. The time now is 1800, the sun is out and it is a pleasure to be out on the canal. We keep heading south to clear Stoke before we stop. After one more lock we moor up opposite the Wedgwood factory. Visited last year so no need to return this year. Sat on the back of the boat for wine, cheese and bickies.
So you see it's not all gloom and doom.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Steam and pots

Sunday 19 June. 3 miles.

We set off with two plans. The number 1 plan falls into place as we round the corner and a mooring is available outside Middleport Pottery. There was a craft fair on so toured the 10 or so stands 50% a waste of time with a couple of interesting ones. Then to lunch and the days special was the same as 8 months ago. Back pudding & cheddar oakcakes,  yum. Diana did a couple more rooms of Burleigh pottery while I had the chance to see the first days running of the steam engine that ran the factory in the past. The engine had been restored some time ago and they often demonstrated it using electricity. They now have a new boiler to run it on steam. Great to talk to a bunch of enthusiastic guys who had worked to make it happen. Mid afternoon we leave and set off the short distance to Etruria. Not long after we move we realise that Yesterday was summer and are now moored up testing if I have fixed the leaks.

No rain today

Saturday 18 June. 7 miles, 1 lock, 1 tunnel.

Overcast morning.  Worth the risk so put some gunk around the window. On the move by 1030 at a leisurely pace and at times in sunshine. Stopped for water at the not vert deep stop  lock, in fact the drop would have been less than a foot. It was there to stop one canal company from pinching the water of anothers. Just before joining the Trent & Mersey canal we moor up for lunch.  30 minutes after we set off again we are waiting at the entrance to the one way Harecastle tunnel. About an hour later we go through by our selves popping out the other end in 35 minutes,  just 1 mile short of The Poteries.  Moored up at Westport Lake for the 5th time. So ends a day without rain and we spent some of it underground.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Saw the sun today

Friday 17 June.

Need to hang around for a while. The sealant that John left me is a bit old and won't flow so he will pick up a new tube on his way back from Liverpool today. Dried out and prepared the area that needs the gunk in preparation for later in the day. Weather is not too bad with a short showing of the sun around midday. The Gunk is due to arrive just after 1500 and guess what the rain arrived just before 1500 so I need to dry out the area again and then have a window of an hour for it to dry before the next rain. About 1700 it is looking like it might be OK but every time I think I will try, black clouds appear. Good old hindsight say I could have done the job. There is always tomorrow! I need to do the job in Congleton as the towpath is on the right side. As soon as we go under the next bridge the towpath changes sides and will be on the wrong side for about 3 days. We have overstayed the time allowed on this mooring but I don't have any option. I looked at shifting the boat 100yds or so where the boat can be left longer but there is not enough room before the bridge.

June's Rainfall in 2 weeks.

Thursday 16 June.

Emptied the bulges after heavy rain last night. We're invited out for tea & scones. Very nice too. Alan took us to town and dropped us at the Antique Centre. Some nice stuff, could have been tempted if I didn't have to get them home. Did a bit of shopping and stared to walk back up to the canal. It just through it down. We had coats but still got back looking like drowned rats. Too wet to try and seal up the leaks.
Took Alan & Marian to the Young Pretender. Best pub for pies that I have come across. Compulsory stop in Congleton. Back for a cuppa and bed.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

First Locks of 2016

Monday 13 June.

Woke to a bleak day with low cloud and drizzle. Not going anywhere yet. Watch a few hire boats go past in full wet weather gear. Poor buggers, just have to be somewhere today. Heavy rain off and on most of the morning and until after lunch. About 1400 it had brightened a bit so I walked the flight of locks to see how muddy and slippery it was. Not the nicest but not dangerous. Had a discussion about the prospect but by the time we thought the weather was alright, time was against us so didn't move. That marvelous thing called hindsight said we should/could have gone as the rest of the evening was the best weather of the day.

Tuesday 14 June. 5 1/2 miles. 12 Locks.

At the top of the locks there is an amenities block with loos, shower, washing machine and drier. A running water shower was a great way to start the day.
Weather was overcast with the likely hood of rain but today we will set off. First lock was set so straight in and down. Second lock caught Diana out. It needed filling. I watched her go to the wrong end, look puzzled then return to the top end, lift the paddle and fill the lock. It has been a while but it wasn't to long before the old routines came back. A good run down with a number of boats comming up which meant most of the locks were full for us to go into. 2 1/2 hours later we are at the bottom and stop for lunch. There is a boat flying the union and NZ flag so we make ourselves know. They are in their 5th year doing the same as us with the southern summer based in their Nelson home where they also have a yacht. The discussions continued and it turns out that both of the males have the same item on their bucket list. Sailing our narrow boats under Tower Bridge. I think next years plan is in the making. Pity they were travelling in the other direction as I'm sure we would have had good traveling companions. Motored the 4 miles into Colgenton where we were meet by Marion who had sorted a mooring spot close to their home. After a bit of boat tidying it was around to their place for a cuppa before we were taken out to diner at a pub in Astbury. A quick tour to Barthomly to view the church before home to bed.

Wednesday 15 June.

Skyped Richard as it was his birthday. Great to see and talk to him and the kids. Marion was down at the boat by 1000 to take us to the supermarket which was a big help as the canal is at the top of the hill and the supermarket at the bottom. Soon after we arrive back, 5th wheeler friends from Matamata call in on their way south. Lunch on the boat as there is no guarantee that the weather will stay nice enough to be outside. I had asked Marion's son who fits out narrow boats to come around to look at a leaking window we had discovered a couple of days ago. Well it just chucked it down when he arrived so all he could do was give me advice on how to seal it when it dries up. While he was here another leak appears in a roof vent so looks like I am on leak fixing for a few days.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Sunday Roast (almost)

Sunday 12 June. 5 miles.

The day starts overcast with signs of rain not far away. After sorting some internet problems we up sticks and head off for the water point. Should have set off a few minutes earlier because as we approach another boat is arriving. Wait 20 odd minutes before he moves off and we move alongside. 15 minutes later as our tank is almost full the rain arrives. Finish putting the gear away and sit in the boat out of the rain. Within half an hour the rain has abated to a few spots so off we go. Weather stayed much the same until arriving at the top of the Bosley locks and stop for lunch. This is a flight of 12 locks, the first we encounter. They are also the locks that Diana got very cold at last year and probably brought on her Bells Palsy so there is some reluctance to do them in the cold and/or rain. We watch the weather until 1600 which is the cutoff to get down at a reasonable time. We were tempted a couple of times to give it a go when the sun peeps through. Tonight we are moored at the top of the locks under a cellphone tower so coverage should be good.
Not a pub in site so no Sunday Roast. Never mind Diana is cooking a meat and veg substitute. Pork chops, spuds, cauliflower and cheese sauce.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Early start

Saturday 11 June, 7 1/4 miles

A still and misty morning. The canal is looking good. Engine started by 0730, now that's pretty early for this retired couple. Diana did the domestics while travelling. Arrived at the bridge where the canal had been closed just on 0900 to be meet by a group of Canal & River Trust workers. We passed on through and when I looked behind there was a Diver in the water and they were lifting one of the stop planks out. I wonder if the canal had only just been opened and they were removing all the stop planks! When I say Diver, he was in a dive suit without a helmet as he didn't put his head under water, I guess if I had to get in that water I would want a full immersion suit on. Stopped very close to where the leak had been. The only sign of activity was the equipment and muddy tracks left behind. Bollington is one of those places it is nice to re-visit. Diana has a special shop she frequents every time we stop. There is a good butcher and a nice cafe. Back to the boat to head on down country but with a bit of black cloud around I check the minute by minute forecast and rain is due in a few minutes so we have lunch. The rain is an hour late but eventually it stops and we set off with a few spits here and there. As we approach Macclesfield a dark cloud appears and I am calculating when it will strike. Lucked in, as when we come around the corner there is one spare spot on the pontoon. This is the first time we have passed when it hasn't been full. Moor up, heavy rain starts, cup of coffee. We are now spending the night here hoping that tomorrow morning will be like this morning and we will move on.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Canal Open

Friday 10 June, 500 yds

I had a feeling that we were on a permanent mooring last night but didn't worry as we would shift the boat if the owner turned up. This morning I wandered down to the local boat yard to check as I didn't want to leave it where it shouldn't be when we went walking. Sure enough we need to move. 500yds later we find the next available spot and settle in for the day. Lyme Park is today's destination, a National trust property just under an hours walk away. On arrival it is straight to the cafe. Diana has been dreaming of scones, jam and cream since we arrived and she had tried theirs before. This was lunch and very nice too. Went through the house again and because of the wet weather it was not busy giving us a chance to see some things we missed last visit. Walked back in a bit of drizzle which had cleared the air and we could see a good distance. Dinner on the boat. The canal was opened today after a 3 week closure so off south again tomorrow and get a few miles covered.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

On The Macclesfield,

Thursday 9 June, 4 miles.

Another cracker of a day. Headed off the mile to Marple so with hot water we showered and had breakfast. Internet was better than last night so caught up on a few items. Walked into Marple and did some big town shopping. They have hardware shops and bigger chemist shops, 1 pound shops and charity stores. Finised at the supermarket then back to the boat. Still warm and pleasent at 1700 so decided to move on. We are onlly 2 miles from where the canal is closed and about 2 miles from Lyme Park house so depending on the state of the canal it looks like a walk in the park tomorrow.

Anchour away

Monday 6 June. 1 1/4 miles.

Once again we set off up the Peak Forest Tramway Trail. Passed Chinley and stopped at a solitary chimney, the backdrop to an area of rubble being the start of a housing development. I hope it doesn't change the Chinley village atmosphere. I checked the site out on Google earth and they still show the area as a large factory. Nice to see the chimney was still there. A bit further along the trail we had to take a diversion. The trail has been sold to a brake manufacturer for a test track. The diversion took us under two railway viaducts, difficult to photograph but impressive standing under them. A few steps later we are on a B road and heading to Chapel-en-la-Frith. (Chapel in the Forrest). On the outskirts we pass the brake factory and appreciate why they have a test track nearby.
2 hours after setting of we arrive at C-e-l-F which has a long main/High street a number of shops but nothing out of the ordinary. Stopped on the way up one of the hills for a tasty lunch of Derbyshire Oat cakes. At the top of the hill Diana was ready to turn back but I saw an interesting view ahead so on we went for another block. Low and behold the view was a mirage but Diana found one of those shops again. More china. the return, down hill trip took 1 1/2 hours. Nice day out with temperature around 25 C. Time to move. 20 minutes to the supermarket for a top up of heavier items, eg Grog. Another 20 mins and we are back at furness Vale hooked up to water and power.

Tuesday 7 June.

Domestic day. Washing, cleaning, tidying and catching up with internet. Mid afternoon we walked to New Mills. Diana the direct route while I took a walk down to the river Goyt and followed it passed a couple of mills and a very early hydro power station which uses an Archimedes screw to turn the generator. This is located in a deep gorge that runs below New Mills so then it is a climb up to the top to meet up with Diana who has been drinking coffee. Shop closed by the time I got there. We stop at the Beehive Pub for an ale before Buying Fish and Chips for tea and eating them on a table out side. Another nice day. In the evening we head off to the Furness Vale Historical Society meeting. The guest speaker is Andy Russell, a well known traditional boat painter. Andy was demonstrating the traditional art of painting "Roses & Castles" It took him just an hour to paint a bunch of roses and a typical castle scene which are seen on many narrow boats. The old boats wouldn't look right without them.

Wednesday 8 June. 4 miles, 2 lift and 2 swing bridges

We are moving on. Hopefully the canal blockage will be sorted and filled with water by this weekend. A short trip to the New Mills marina for a pump out. Good to start with that tank empty. A mile further on we are thinking about lunch when a huge clap of thunder convinces us to moor up. Good decision as soon after we start lunch it buckets down. After the thunder storm passes the boat that was moored up behind us sets off. OK shall we move too? Takes a while to think about it and as I get motivated there are a few more spits of rain so delay departure. Another good decision as the spits were followed by more thunder and continuous rain. Now waiting for an improvement or we will be here for the night just 2 miles from Furness Vale.
After a 4 hour lunch break the sun started to show itself and we moved on towards Marple junction. Have stopped about a mile short as the better moorings will probable be taken. looking forward to a short day tomorrow.

Saturday, 4 June 2016


Saturday 4 June.

Put the final coat of paint on Molly's tail feathers. Big improvement.
walked to Whaley Bridge for lunch. Diana is back into the charity shops, say no more. Walked back to the boat and sat on the towpath enjoying the surrounds. Finished polishing the second side. Nice relaxing summer's day.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Work & Walk

Friday 3 June.

Spent some time prepping the other side at the back. Hoping to have a pictures on this blog.
The afternoon was spent walking up an old tramway to the village of Chinley. Nice to be back in the village atmosphere. Talked to a bloke and his wife working in a garden. Yep he knew NZ, has a brother in Gisborne who has been visiting recently. Stopped at the Chippy for a snack on the way back. Greeted by the owner singing about frying chips. Entertaining. Took a longer way home and found the 2 pubs we had been told about. Didn't stop as we have left over chicken from last night.

First stage getting rid of the rust.

Chinley Village Centre

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Molly moves

Thursday 2 June. 3 miles, 2 swing bridges.

When I bought a 5th wheeler one of the requirements was that I didn't want to take my home to the supermarket. Today we needed to go to the supermarket and to get there we took Molly Rose. We are angle parked at the marina and pointing the wrong way so we need to do a "U" turn. With a 60ft boat on a 14ft wide canal the options are limited. About a mile down the canal the wrong way we get to a winding hole where after a 6 point turn we are heading back the way we came. Rather than go to the supermarket we moore up again at the Marina. Why? The pontoon is on the otherside so I can now start polishing that side of the boat. By mid afternoon it is half done but I can't continue as the steel is to hot. Yes another nice sunny day. Now it is time for the supermarket less than a mile away. 30 minutes later we moor up just a few yards way. The boat is now well provisioned as we head off to Bugsworth basin which is one of two arms at the start of the Peak Forest canal. We have been before but both times the weather was not friendly and we didn't explore much.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Canal Closed. still

Saturday 28 May.

Just the two of us on board so time to sort the boat out in preparation for cruising. Washed the roof and the pontoon side of the boat. She was in need of a polish as it didn't get done before we left last year. I did it twice to bring her up to scratch again. Got 2/3rds of one side done.

Sunday 29 May.

Finished off polishing the first side, looking good. Now for some painting. The mustard colour around the back has a few bruises. You may see a few of them on the head photo. 2014 we started looking for the right colour and in anticipation did some de-rusting and prep work. When we couldn't find the colour I was happy to paint it in a similar colour. The colour consultant didn't agree so no more action in 2014. 2015 I came over with the intention of painting it regardless of a colour match. with the lack of dry weather that didn't happen but a short time before we left Diana managed to get a paint match and we bought some. 2016 we are not going anywhere yet with the canal closed. Great opportunity to get the job done so today it was back to de-rusting and priming the back and one side. Diana also prepared the pole we carry on the top. For some reason it was the only bit on the boat that had some blue on it. That had to go. Finished the day with a Sunday Roast at the local.

Forgot: Painted the boards that cover the engine and form the back deck.

Monday 30 May. Bank Holiday.

Painted the Mustard colour on the back. Makes a huge difference. Molly looks like she is cared for again. The pole got its first bit of colour. Blue gone , Diana happy. My razor gave up the ghost this morning so time to grow a beard!

Tuesday 31 May.

Beard not an option so plan to go to Stockport for a replacement. Diana has been having trouble with the new Photo programe on her Mac so talked to Google who found a Mac shop at Trafford Centre so the destination has changed. Train and Bus gets us there by lunchtime. Quick bite to eat then to the Mac shop where the very helpful staff pointed us in the right direction to be able to do what she wants to. Not far away I buy a razor, same as the one I have at home and at a better price. We had been to the Trafford Centre in 2014 as it is adjacent to the Bridgewater canal and Barton Swing bridge. We were only there for a short time and very impressed with the opulent decor of the place. This time we arrived from a different direction and didn't recognise anything. Late in the day we found the bit we had previously seen. It was separate and connected by an overbridge. In 2014 we saw about 20% of the complex. Back by bus and train. Trains running hourly by now so we have a 45min wait at the station. Home for a quick tea around 2230.

Wednesday 1 June. SUMMER.

We have had 5 days without rain but today it is cold, overcast and looking like rain but it didn't. More colour on the pole. Changed a switch on the engine. replaced another light with LED's. A general catch up day which ends with Sausages and mash. The fridge is now empty so may have to get the boat in gear tomorrow and motor to the supermarket.
As you can see I haven't worked out how to get photos onto this blog. If you want photos to view! Diana has mastered her blog which is full of photos. Try