Friday, 17 June 2016

Saw the sun today

Friday 17 June.

Need to hang around for a while. The sealant that John left me is a bit old and won't flow so he will pick up a new tube on his way back from Liverpool today. Dried out and prepared the area that needs the gunk in preparation for later in the day. Weather is not too bad with a short showing of the sun around midday. The Gunk is due to arrive just after 1500 and guess what the rain arrived just before 1500 so I need to dry out the area again and then have a window of an hour for it to dry before the next rain. About 1700 it is looking like it might be OK but every time I think I will try, black clouds appear. Good old hindsight say I could have done the job. There is always tomorrow! I need to do the job in Congleton as the towpath is on the right side. As soon as we go under the next bridge the towpath changes sides and will be on the wrong side for about 3 days. We have overstayed the time allowed on this mooring but I don't have any option. I looked at shifting the boat 100yds or so where the boat can be left longer but there is not enough room before the bridge.

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