Wednesday, 15 June 2016

First Locks of 2016

Monday 13 June.

Woke to a bleak day with low cloud and drizzle. Not going anywhere yet. Watch a few hire boats go past in full wet weather gear. Poor buggers, just have to be somewhere today. Heavy rain off and on most of the morning and until after lunch. About 1400 it had brightened a bit so I walked the flight of locks to see how muddy and slippery it was. Not the nicest but not dangerous. Had a discussion about the prospect but by the time we thought the weather was alright, time was against us so didn't move. That marvelous thing called hindsight said we should/could have gone as the rest of the evening was the best weather of the day.

Tuesday 14 June. 5 1/2 miles. 12 Locks.

At the top of the locks there is an amenities block with loos, shower, washing machine and drier. A running water shower was a great way to start the day.
Weather was overcast with the likely hood of rain but today we will set off. First lock was set so straight in and down. Second lock caught Diana out. It needed filling. I watched her go to the wrong end, look puzzled then return to the top end, lift the paddle and fill the lock. It has been a while but it wasn't to long before the old routines came back. A good run down with a number of boats comming up which meant most of the locks were full for us to go into. 2 1/2 hours later we are at the bottom and stop for lunch. There is a boat flying the union and NZ flag so we make ourselves know. They are in their 5th year doing the same as us with the southern summer based in their Nelson home where they also have a yacht. The discussions continued and it turns out that both of the males have the same item on their bucket list. Sailing our narrow boats under Tower Bridge. I think next years plan is in the making. Pity they were travelling in the other direction as I'm sure we would have had good traveling companions. Motored the 4 miles into Colgenton where we were meet by Marion who had sorted a mooring spot close to their home. After a bit of boat tidying it was around to their place for a cuppa before we were taken out to diner at a pub in Astbury. A quick tour to Barthomly to view the church before home to bed.

Wednesday 15 June.

Skyped Richard as it was his birthday. Great to see and talk to him and the kids. Marion was down at the boat by 1000 to take us to the supermarket which was a big help as the canal is at the top of the hill and the supermarket at the bottom. Soon after we arrive back, 5th wheeler friends from Matamata call in on their way south. Lunch on the boat as there is no guarantee that the weather will stay nice enough to be outside. I had asked Marion's son who fits out narrow boats to come around to look at a leaking window we had discovered a couple of days ago. Well it just chucked it down when he arrived so all he could do was give me advice on how to seal it when it dries up. While he was here another leak appears in a roof vent so looks like I am on leak fixing for a few days.

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