Thursday, 23 June 2016

Rolling to Stone

Wednesday 22 June.  ... miles  ..locks

Starting to wonder if this week is summer!  Set off passing through Barlston,  a place of memories as this is where Robert & Mary, friends from New Plymouth, joined us in 2010 on Lannarrow. Travelled at a leisurely pace through rural tree lined canal arriving on the outskirts of Stone where we can moor up for 5 days. When I say outskirts, we are about 5 mins down the towpath  to town. After lunch on the boat we make the 5 min walk and sort out some of the things that need to be done while we are here. Where  can we moor up at without being moved on,  where is the boat yard to get some work done, where is the station for Diana to go to Glasgow on Friday? etc. Then into the main street looking for a few bits for the boat. Ended up at Costa Coffee to use the free WiFi.  Ending the day with sausages & mash on board.

Thursday 23 June. 0 miles 4 locks.

Summer is still with us.  Leisurely morning chilling out.  After lunch we were planning to go to town, Diana had spotted the most Charity shops in a row so far and was keen to explore.  The boat yard let's us know the part we are waiting for has arrived and they can fit it this afternoon. Down 2 locks and pull into the yard, breasted up 4 deep. Well what an interesting day. They take out the bilge pump and it works OK. They change the switch and it works OK. They put it back in the boat at it works OK sometimes. After many attempts to figure out what the problem is and the time is close to knock off we give up and reinstate the system as it was. This isn't going to be a problem if the sun keeps shining. We get a pump out and spin the boat. I wasn't sure we had enough room but on the mechanics advise we used the pole and turned with a foot to spare. Back up 2 locks and we moor up same place as last night pointing in a different direction.  Been a long day so off to Wetherspoons for diner. Thursday is curry night.

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  1. Pleased to hear you are enjoying some summer, but sorry to hear there are still problems with water in the boat. I am sure one day it will be Eureka and all will be well!