Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Canal Closed. still

Saturday 28 May.

Just the two of us on board so time to sort the boat out in preparation for cruising. Washed the roof and the pontoon side of the boat. She was in need of a polish as it didn't get done before we left last year. I did it twice to bring her up to scratch again. Got 2/3rds of one side done.

Sunday 29 May.

Finished off polishing the first side, looking good. Now for some painting. The mustard colour around the back has a few bruises. You may see a few of them on the head photo. 2014 we started looking for the right colour and in anticipation did some de-rusting and prep work. When we couldn't find the colour I was happy to paint it in a similar colour. The colour consultant didn't agree so no more action in 2014. 2015 I came over with the intention of painting it regardless of a colour match. with the lack of dry weather that didn't happen but a short time before we left Diana managed to get a paint match and we bought some. 2016 we are not going anywhere yet with the canal closed. Great opportunity to get the job done so today it was back to de-rusting and priming the back and one side. Diana also prepared the pole we carry on the top. For some reason it was the only bit on the boat that had some blue on it. That had to go. Finished the day with a Sunday Roast at the local.

Forgot: Painted the boards that cover the engine and form the back deck.

Monday 30 May. Bank Holiday.

Painted the Mustard colour on the back. Makes a huge difference. Molly looks like she is cared for again. The pole got its first bit of colour. Blue gone , Diana happy. My razor gave up the ghost this morning so time to grow a beard!

Tuesday 31 May.

Beard not an option so plan to go to Stockport for a replacement. Diana has been having trouble with the new Photo programe on her Mac so talked to Google who found a Mac shop at Trafford Centre so the destination has changed. Train and Bus gets us there by lunchtime. Quick bite to eat then to the Mac shop where the very helpful staff pointed us in the right direction to be able to do what she wants to. Not far away I buy a razor, same as the one I have at home and at a better price. We had been to the Trafford Centre in 2014 as it is adjacent to the Bridgewater canal and Barton Swing bridge. We were only there for a short time and very impressed with the opulent decor of the place. This time we arrived from a different direction and didn't recognise anything. Late in the day we found the bit we had previously seen. It was separate and connected by an overbridge. In 2014 we saw about 20% of the complex. Back by bus and train. Trains running hourly by now so we have a 45min wait at the station. Home for a quick tea around 2230.

Wednesday 1 June. SUMMER.

We have had 5 days without rain but today it is cold, overcast and looking like rain but it didn't. More colour on the pole. Changed a switch on the engine. replaced another light with LED's. A general catch up day which ends with Sausages and mash. The fridge is now empty so may have to get the boat in gear tomorrow and motor to the supermarket.
As you can see I haven't worked out how to get photos onto this blog. If you want photos to view! Diana has mastered her blog which is full of photos. Try

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  1. Wow, Molly Rose must be the smartest girl in town now.