Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Kiwi visitors

Saturday 25 June.

On my own. I get into a bit of maintenance. The front doors have been sticking so after removing some gunk I re-glued the jams and forced them apart. Cleaned up part of the roof and put on some rust preventer and finally a bit of painting. Pity it rained before it was completely dry.

Sunday 26 June.

I have a good book that has grabbed my attention and spent a good portion of the morning reading. Sanded where the rain had affected my painting. Weather not looking like I should try again. Being Sunday considered a roast but didn't think having a roast by myself was worth the walk into town. Added a strip of wood to the engine covers to stop some of the water entering the engine bay.

Monday 27 June.

Diana is due back so a domestic morning. I hear from Diana & Murray that the train trip is a bit of a roundabout way with 2 changes including an hour at Crew. At Murray's suggestion I hop on a train to meet her in Crew, with us back in Stone late afternoon. Wetherspoons for diner, Curry night. On the way to the pub we pass a Kiwi from Taranaki and his partner from England. He is now resident in UK. Had a good natter before continuing to the pub.

Tuesday 28 June. 1 mile 3 locks.

Ray and Rosemary, kite flying friends from Rotorua are joining us today having flown in direct from Auckland this morning.
We have outstayed our welcome above the locks so time to move. Off back up the canal for 10 minutes where we could turn and then head back down, through 3 locks to the centre of Stone. Managed to moor up in the spot vacated by the Kiwi boat. The morning was spent cleaning up the guest cabin which is normally my workshop and storage space. After lunch we walk to the station to meet Ray & Rosemary. It has been a pleasant morning with sunshine and cloud. Shortly after we leave the station the predicted rain arrives, light at first but before we make it to the boat coats are on and brollies up. Settled into the boat then to keep awake it is into town for a look around and a coffee at Costa where power and wifi are available. Rain comes back again so we wait on board for a break in the weather before we walk the 200 yds to the pub for dinner. Rain is back by the time we finish which means a damp dash back to the boat. We have achieved the visitors aim to stay awake till late to reset their body clocks.

Wednesday 29 June.

What a wet and windy day. Do nothing until mid morning then off to Costa's for coffee, wifi and charge the devices. Lunch on the boat and weather still dreadful. Not moving today. Forecast is for a temporary improvement mid afternoon so with the first sign of sun and blue sky we set off to explore part of the canal and buildings around Stone centre ending up at Costa's for coffee, power and wifi. Dinner on the boat with the weather still OK. Looking for an early start tomorrow and show the guest locks and canal life.

Thursday 30 June. 9 miles,  5 locks.

Weather forecast is OKish. A quick breakfast and down the first lock, pull in for water before we head off showing the delights of canal travel to Ray and Rosemary.  About an hour later we moor up to explore the hamlet of Burston. We have been past a few times but hadn't stopped. What a little gem of a place to visit. So pleased we could show off the sort of place we enjoy. Mid afternoon we moor up at Great Haywood opposite a Cafe & farm shop. First stop is for coffee,  then a walk to the marina nearby to get some oil, back to the farm shop for a browse.  We were here in 2010 when it was newly opened by a Kiwi girl. It has developed considerably since then with the cafe being part of it. Then a walk into the village where we found a nice pub for dinner.

Friday 1 July.

Another activity we enjoy is visits to Stately homes. Shugborough Hall, Home of Lord Leicester, is one of the best and canals go past on two sides. We spend the day there. Luckily we are inside the couple of times it rains..

Saturday 2 July. 5 miles,  1 lock.

With a cafe just across the canal we couldn't resist their breakfast and a good coffee before setting off. I  wasn't looking forward to the turn onto the Staffordshire & Worcestershire  canal as the wind strength was up a bit. We made it around the corner and motored up a delightful stretch of canal to Stafford. Bused into the town which is rich in history and many old buildings. Another pub meal before taking a cab back to the boat as it was too hard to figure out the bus timetable. The cab was cheaper than the 4 bus tickets in.

Sunday 3 July.

Today Ray & Rosemary leave us. Once they are all packed up we take a stroll around the local area. We then trundle the bags to the near-by pub where we partake of their Sunday Roast. Next we ring for a cab to go to the station. It was not till the third company that we could get to the station in time to make their train to Manchester Airport.  They fly out to Sweden tonight.  Great to have friends on board. Memories for us in the future.


  1. Great update, thanks John but sorry to hear you are still having some rain. Hope it goes away soon.

  2. We are pleased we have 360 to work out where you are as your Google map shows all of your trips through the same area so it is difficult to find the current sign.

  3. For some reason your latest blogs have just appeared on my iPad. They were on Joan's yesterday. Any way back in business and it is good to know that the bed making skills in the rear bedroom come workshop passage will have been learned by Ray. You seem to be having pretty changeable weather and I supose the EU is now going to sent all the shit they can find to England. It has been a bit of a change from Donald Trump and his antics. I think Trump has lost it and the ordinary American is now looking at the bigger picture.Time will tell. A bit late for the Brits, me thinks they may have shot themselves in the foot. Joan and Diana have been swapping notes so I keep up with the op shop news. Singapore has been great. We have seen a lot more than last year while revisiting lots of places. Did a 8 story building full of computer shops, but prices are much the same as home, with a bit more variety. We are off down to Dili on Thursday. Oh yes the weather has been great about 30c, no wind. Still we can handle it. Take care