Friday, 17 June 2016

June's Rainfall in 2 weeks.

Thursday 16 June.

Emptied the bulges after heavy rain last night. We're invited out for tea & scones. Very nice too. Alan took us to town and dropped us at the Antique Centre. Some nice stuff, could have been tempted if I didn't have to get them home. Did a bit of shopping and stared to walk back up to the canal. It just through it down. We had coats but still got back looking like drowned rats. Too wet to try and seal up the leaks.
Took Alan & Marian to the Young Pretender. Best pub for pies that I have come across. Compulsory stop in Congleton. Back for a cuppa and bed.


  1. Hopefully if you get all that rain now you won't get too much for the rest of the summer, fingers crossed

  2. Sounds a bit like the weather when we were there. Trust you are underway and the bilges are empty. We are still having amazing weather and hope it keeps up until next Thursday when we head for Singapore