Saturday, 11 June 2016

Early start

Saturday 11 June, 7 1/4 miles

A still and misty morning. The canal is looking good. Engine started by 0730, now that's pretty early for this retired couple. Diana did the domestics while travelling. Arrived at the bridge where the canal had been closed just on 0900 to be meet by a group of Canal & River Trust workers. We passed on through and when I looked behind there was a Diver in the water and they were lifting one of the stop planks out. I wonder if the canal had only just been opened and they were removing all the stop planks! When I say Diver, he was in a dive suit without a helmet as he didn't put his head under water, I guess if I had to get in that water I would want a full immersion suit on. Stopped very close to where the leak had been. The only sign of activity was the equipment and muddy tracks left behind. Bollington is one of those places it is nice to re-visit. Diana has a special shop she frequents every time we stop. There is a good butcher and a nice cafe. Back to the boat to head on down country but with a bit of black cloud around I check the minute by minute forecast and rain is due in a few minutes so we have lunch. The rain is an hour late but eventually it stops and we set off with a few spits here and there. As we approach Macclesfield a dark cloud appears and I am calculating when it will strike. Lucked in, as when we come around the corner there is one spare spot on the pontoon. This is the first time we have passed when it hasn't been full. Moor up, heavy rain starts, cup of coffee. We are now spending the night here hoping that tomorrow morning will be like this morning and we will move on.

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  1. It is really great to read that you are on the move and have got past the "blockage". So now you can continue your journey as planned.