Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Domestic Gypsies

Tuesday 21 June.

It was a beautiful morning waking to the sun streaming in the window at some very early hour. Not used to this.
Decided not to move and have a catch up day. I dried out the back of the boat and talked to the engineer about why the bilge pump might not be working. We hope to get it looked at over the weekend. It was wash day so the generator came out onto the towpath and after fiddling for a while it leaped into life and purred away for some time. With the generator running we have 230 volts so the vacuum cleaner came out and the electronics were charged up. We looked a bit like a Gypsy camp with the engine boards leaning against the fence, the generator running, clothes line tied to a mooring ring and other paraphernalia beside the boat. Mid afternoon the washing is almost dry so we need a walk and Wedgwood world is about 30min away. They have changed the entrance since last year so within 15 minutes we are having coffee and cake there. Wander through the free bits to see if anything has changed. I'm a bit disappointed in the style they are making at the moment. Only thing that had "class" was a brown and gold pattern. Tempted? No. The espresso cup and saucer were available at $90.00. Nice day in the sun. There is a vintage boat rally further down the track and during the day saw many old boats chugging past us.

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