Saturday, 25 June 2016

China moves north

Friday 24 June.

Diana packed up her large suitcase for her visit to Glasgow. 24kg! 8kg a day! Not quite the full story. Most of her crocker has been taken to Murray's in preparation for our departure for home from there. If we had left it till later we would have had to maneuver 3 bags on and off trains later.
Walked to the station the long way to avoid crossing the railway twice. There we no ramps so I didn't like the idea of carrying the 24kg up and down more than I had too. After she had left it was into town to check out a few places and buy some bits and pieces. I called into all the Charity shops looking for a large scale road map. It can be difficult getting some perspective of where we are when our canal map only shows 1 mile each side of the canal. Stone is not that big so it didn't take long. Lunch on the boat followed by some maintenance. Hope to make some improvements during the few days here. Scraped down some areas of rust and  put some rust inhibitor where necessary.

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  1. I love all the organisation to get some China treasures home.