Monday, 20 June 2016

Clouds with Silver Linings

Monday 20 June, 5 miles, 6 locks

What a misserable start to the longest day of the year. Woke to steady rain so turned over and fulled the duvet up for an extra hour. The forcast expects a brief improvement around 11, so we wait. At 11 it brightened up a bit, at least the rain had stopped so we walked up to Tesco's extra about 15 minutes away. 2 hours later we head back to the boat for lunch. Rain starts again and the forcast is talking about an improvement around 1500 and once again they we right. It has stoped raining and looking more promising so we fill with water and head off down the first flight of 3 locks with patches of warm sunshine. Stop in Stoke to pick up some rail tickets for Diana to go to Glasgow to do her Florence Nightengale bit for Murray who is having an op this weekend. The time now is 1800, the sun is out and it is a pleasure to be out on the canal. We keep heading south to clear Stoke before we stop. After one more lock we moor up opposite the Wedgwood factory. Visited last year so no need to return this year. Sat on the back of the boat for wine, cheese and bickies.
So you see it's not all gloom and doom.