Sunday, 12 June 2016

Sunday Roast (almost)

Sunday 12 June. 5 miles.

The day starts overcast with signs of rain not far away. After sorting some internet problems we up sticks and head off for the water point. Should have set off a few minutes earlier because as we approach another boat is arriving. Wait 20 odd minutes before he moves off and we move alongside. 15 minutes later as our tank is almost full the rain arrives. Finish putting the gear away and sit in the boat out of the rain. Within half an hour the rain has abated to a few spots so off we go. Weather stayed much the same until arriving at the top of the Bosley locks and stop for lunch. This is a flight of 12 locks, the first we encounter. They are also the locks that Diana got very cold at last year and probably brought on her Bells Palsy so there is some reluctance to do them in the cold and/or rain. We watch the weather until 1600 which is the cutoff to get down at a reasonable time. We were tempted a couple of times to give it a go when the sun peeps through. Tonight we are moored at the top of the locks under a cellphone tower so coverage should be good.
Not a pub in site so no Sunday Roast. Never mind Diana is cooking a meat and veg substitute. Pork chops, spuds, cauliflower and cheese sauce.

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