Thursday, 2 June 2016

Molly moves

Thursday 2 June. 3 miles, 2 swing bridges.

When I bought a 5th wheeler one of the requirements was that I didn't want to take my home to the supermarket. Today we needed to go to the supermarket and to get there we took Molly Rose. We are angle parked at the marina and pointing the wrong way so we need to do a "U" turn. With a 60ft boat on a 14ft wide canal the options are limited. About a mile down the canal the wrong way we get to a winding hole where after a 6 point turn we are heading back the way we came. Rather than go to the supermarket we moore up again at the Marina. Why? The pontoon is on the otherside so I can now start polishing that side of the boat. By mid afternoon it is half done but I can't continue as the steel is to hot. Yes another nice sunny day. Now it is time for the supermarket less than a mile away. 30 minutes later we moor up just a few yards way. The boat is now well provisioned as we head off to Bugsworth basin which is one of two arms at the start of the Peak Forest canal. We have been before but both times the weather was not friendly and we didn't explore much.

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