Friday, 10 June 2016

Canal Open

Friday 10 June, 500 yds

I had a feeling that we were on a permanent mooring last night but didn't worry as we would shift the boat if the owner turned up. This morning I wandered down to the local boat yard to check as I didn't want to leave it where it shouldn't be when we went walking. Sure enough we need to move. 500yds later we find the next available spot and settle in for the day. Lyme Park is today's destination, a National trust property just under an hours walk away. On arrival it is straight to the cafe. Diana has been dreaming of scones, jam and cream since we arrived and she had tried theirs before. This was lunch and very nice too. Went through the house again and because of the wet weather it was not busy giving us a chance to see some things we missed last visit. Walked back in a bit of drizzle which had cleared the air and we could see a good distance. Dinner on the boat. The canal was opened today after a 3 week closure so off south again tomorrow and get a few miles covered.


  1. Hurrah. You wil be so pleased that the cancel has reopened. Now you get get moving south. Happy wandering

  2. You will be pleased. It must have been pretty frustrating with the delays. I would comment that your blog is easier to follow. Diana's blog while being excellent (he said so as not to offend) is a very busy blog with lots of options,like which blog do you want to read first and options for looking at photos. So you have to learn to find your way around it. We follow both your blogs awe have the best of both worlds.
    Nice day again today. We are getting temperatures in the low 29s which is a bit extraordinary, into pruning as I have to get the bin out next Thursday which is the last opportunity before we leave the following week for Singapore. Went down to Wellington to a friends funeral, a bit sudden but she had been very Ill for a while. That's about it for a nice Sunday morning from Wellington .
    Sail well

  3. I'd be interested to know your thoughts on best canal for a one way 5-7 day narrow-boat hire for a bunch of 5 kiwis ranging in age from 34 - 72 coming over end of May 2018, and best direction to travel. We'd like somewhere with plenty of places to stop, walk, shop, eat, explore and the younger ones might want to hire bikes to go off further while the 'olds' slip along the canal. Any advice is welcome. Jan