Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Three out of four, not bad

Monday 25 July. 13 miles, 6 locks.

Last night we were told that Kelmscott Manor was close to the River Thames. This was the summer home of William Morris and Diana is keen to see it. After a bit of research we discover it is near the top of the navigable section and it is open on Wednesdays. We set off at a reasonable hour knowing that we need to put some miles in to be there on time. First lock is off the Oxford canal and down onto a short connection to the river. Just a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city we are out in the country with cows grazing, geese and ducks swimming and the general air of canal travel is back with us. So this is how the day progressed. The next 5 locks are all manned which makes life easy. At the second lock we buy our 7 day temporary licence to be on this river as it is not administered by the Canal & River Trust. Most of the day was countryside interspersed with delightful lock cottages. When we reach the 4th manned lock it is lunch time so we have our lunch while waiting for the lock keeper to have his. We can do them ourselves if we want to. There are few bridges. Three carrying country roads, one a major road and two foot bridges. It was a good feeling going under the two stone arch bridges as I feel like I have done 3/4 of a bucket item. Sailing my boat, on the Thames under Tower bridge. Well did all those things except it wasn't Tower bridge. Tucked into the river bank with mooring pins in a farmers paddock. The farmer may ask us for a mooring fee.

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  1. I guess if you had your eyes closed you could pretend it was Tower Bridge, -- it had just shrunk!!!!!