Tuesday, 2 June 2015

After the storm

Tuesday 2 June, 3 miles, 1 lock.

Had a good night's sleep to wake up on a dead flat canal. Not sure where the storm went. Maybe when you live in the roaring 40ies wind doesn't have the same significance to you. There was talk of more wind so after another late start went to the supermarket to stock up. Our travels a quiet rural for a while. Visited the local chandler to get some LED bulbs. In the afternoon the sun was out, I dried out the bilges, Di went into town. When she got back we decided to move on a bit. Once we left the cutting we were in we noticed the wind was still there but we continued for 3 miles to find a place in the country to stop, put the generator out and do the washing. Weather forecast is for mid to high teens with no rain for a week except Friday. Maybe there is a summer.
View from the lounge tonight

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  1. Good to see the new batteries are doing a good job. Winter has arrived although is is still mild, but more cloud and some rain. Still only 3 weeks to the shortes day. Keep your elbows in and the portholes shut when the boat is moving