Monday, 22 June 2015


Saturday 20 June.

Didn't get off the boat until after lunch. I spent some time at the station watching the comings and goings of vintage railcars (DMU's) and one tank engine. Diana went into town and did her shopping thing. On the way back to the boat we walked the towpath to the end of the canal. The only boats allowed past this point are the horse drawn tour boat and canoes. It was a trek of close to 2 miles to the weir that diverts the river Dee into the canal and forms the Horseshoe falls. Near this spot is the Chain bridge which ends up at the front door of the Chain Bridge Inn. A beautiful spot for an ale. The view across the Dee included a few trains going past. The walk back seemed shorter.

Sunday 21 June. 4 miles.

I set off in the morning up the tow path for nearly a mile to visit a motor car museum. They had some Austin's so was hopeful of getting a bonnet badge for the A7. On arrival I find a note to the effect that they were opening a couple of hours late today. Back o the boat and into town to visit "Plas Newydd". The home of the "ladies of Llangollen". So much of the building was covered, inside and out, with carved Oak making the interior very dark. Diana had read a book about the two ladies so she was pleased to follow their story. The gardens were graced with a number of Topiaried Yew trees. Our time on the moorings expired at 1700. That was unfortunate because just before 5 a couple from Lower Hutt passed for a chat. They were sailors and we knew a few of the names they mentioned. Out of the basin into a traffic jamb of tour boats, day boats, horse drawn boats and narrowboats that must have known that moorings became available at 1700, trying to get in. Once past the traffic a relatively fast trip, going down hill now, to stop just before Trevor as the day was starting to get a bit cooler. As we moor up the couple that were next to us in the basin pull in behind. Happy hour finished about 2300.

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