Friday, 20 June 2014

A Long Day,

20 June, 9 miles, 6 locks, 2 swing bridges.
Dawn at 0349, Dusk at 2236.

Here we are at Aintree, 6 boats under starters orders. 0900 and the swing bridge is opened. We are off, Molly Rose settles into 3rd place. At Litherland the 2nd boat pulls over for water and Molly Rose slows while getting rid of some weight (rubbish) then back out into the centre of the track holding 2nd position until the last lock where she leaps forward and enters Salthouse Dock First.

What a great introduction to Liverpool as you pass through the old docks with old buildings being renovated and new buildings of modern architectural design being built. I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks here in Liverpool.
Heading towards the Mersey

The impressive  "Liver Building"

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  1. Bit concerned about this racing image. You have set a high level for yourselves for the future!! Enjoy your stay in Liverpool and we are looking forward to joining you here on 2 July. Not long now.