Friday, 6 June 2014

Turned arround

Friday 30 May, 5 1/2 miles

Had a wonder into Garstang, checked out the Wyre Aqueduct. Nice village. Bought some bits for the boat before walking, the completely wrong direction, back to the canal. Needed the GPS on the phone to sort me out.

Saturday 31 May, 7 1/2 miles

Headed to Lancaster and tied up close to the centre of town. After lunch I needed a Nan Nap while Diana and Murray checked out town

Sunday 1 June, 0 miles

Murray leaves us today. A quick stroll to the railway station arriving with about 10 minutes to spare. Plus an hour, I got the time wrong. Another cup of coffee. After Murry catches the train we head off to Lancaster Castle arriving in time for a guide tour. The castle is know for hanging the most criminals. It is still used as a court and until recently was a jail. Great value and very good guide. After lunch it was the Cottage museum and the Judges Lodgings. Two quite different buildings. The first a tiny 4 level house and the second the opulence of where the circuit judges stayed in Lancaster. Walked around a bit more of the town before an early night

Monday 2 June, 0 miles

I'm not feeling that well with a persistent cough keeping me awake at night. Went to town in the afternoon to make a doctors appointment and sort out a better phone plan. Saw Doctor at 1700 and there is nothing he can do, recommends rest so the immune system can do its magic.

Tuesday 3 June, 0 miles

36 hours in bed and starting to feel a bit better.

Wednesday 4 June, 4 1/2 miles

Thursday 5 June, 3 miles

details of the past week to be filled in when better internet and on mains power. Laptop battery dying slowly.

Friday 6 June, 6 miles
We spent the morning in Cranford, a town of interesting architecture. We almost didn't go in as the Nicholson guide said "Not particularly attractive but good for supplies". We didn't see it the way they did and will probably be back tomorrow. The afternoon took us to Tewitfield, the end of the navigable canal and the most northern point of the English canals. We moored 100ft short of the end and then walked north for a while to see what a canal looks like after a motorway cuts across it. I was surprised at how good the condition of the now unused locks were. Full support to the trust that is working on restoring the canal to Kendal. It would be a great asset to the network taking you to the gateway of the Lake District. The downside is that the Lancaster canal would no longer be lock free. As Molly Rose was moored  about 200ft from the M6 we could not see ourselves sleeping with that noise.
As Far as you can go

Looks like one day you could go further.

We turned around and found a quiet spot next to a delightful village at Borwick. A great day, warm and the first without rain in a week.
Molly Rose heading south

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