Thursday, 12 June 2014

Tropical Weather

Monday 9 June 2014. 7 ½ miles. 1 swing bridge, open for a boat coming the other way.

Up early to be ready at the marina by 0900 for the boats oil change. Was reasonably sure I knew what to do but wanted to confirm it by watching the expert the first time. With that all done we have decided it's Diana's turn to go to the doctor. Tried to make an appointment with the doctor I had seen in Lancaster but as she wasn't registered couldn't book in. I had a couple of tasks in town so called in on a doctor on the way in and they could see her in half an hour. Back to the boat to get her. Thunder storm passing at the time so I am soaking. Rain had eased a bit for Diana to go to the appointment. I finished what I had to do in town. We picked up her antibiotics and back to the boat for lunch by 1300. 1400 and the day is sunny, all the clouds have gone so off we go south. Following the road to Morecambe for a while. After we turn inland there is a huge crane visible. It is about to put the deck on a new bridge across the canal to a new subdivision. It will be 3 hours before they do the lift so can't wait. Passed over the Lune Aqueduct, moored on the other side and walked down to view it from underneath. An impressive structure and such a different form of construction to the new bridge we saw earlier. Stopped in Lancaster to pump the crap out, still not sure the right way to do it but it is done for now. Moving off the pump out mooring we could see a 65ft gap in front of the Water Witch Pub. With about 30 patrons watching Molly Rose just slid in and stopped alongside. Now I had to mention that as most times with that many Gongoozlers it all goes wrong. The intention is to have a meal and then motor on a bit further out into the country. We are eating outside when another thunder storm decides to make a visit. Rush inside and finish our very nice meal in the dry. We now have two choices, move off into the country and probably get wet or stay moored up outside the pub and hope it is not too noisy. There was a bit of chatter for a while and then a quiet night.

Tuesday 10 June 2014, 5 miles.

Another slow start but that's OK. The Water Witch coffee is the best we have found in the UK so better have one before we leave just before mid-day. It's just one of those nice sunny days putting through the country side watching the world go slowly by. Stopped at Galgate to see their Cafe and Craft shop, neither of which were spectacular. Wondered into the village up to what had been the last Silk mill in England. Nice village nice buildings. Left Galgate with the intention of walking the Glasson branch. No point in locking down 6 locks and then back up for about a 6 mile walk. 5 minutes from Galgate we are looking for a mooring, should have stayed where we were! Eventually we moor up about 5 minutes passed the junction. We will walk down in the morning. Thunder storms looming. Lightning about 4 seconds away. Heavy rain. Hail. All gone an hour later and the sun peaking through again. Just like the tropics with a thunderstorm every day, need an increase in temperature of 10+ degrees to make it convincing.

Wednesday 11 June 2014. 13 miles, 6 locks. (6 miles and 6 locks on foot)

A Lovely day for a walk. We went down to the sea side at Glasson Dock. Not much to see but enjoyed the walk and the Fish & Chips for lunch. Back on the boat and arrive at Garstang about 1900. moored up with the sun still shining. Maybe summer is here?

Thursday 12 June 2014. Nil

Market day in Garstang so off we go. Just before we go there is a knock on the door."I should introduce myself, I'm Tony from Furness Vale and wanted to meet who bought Barry's boat". Tony lives in a house at the marina and has his own boat. Retired in April and been on the canals since. Morning in town, lunch on the boat, a bit of cleaning and now it's late so off to the pub for tea.

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  1. Great update John, thanks. Like following you on the map too.