Friday, 12 August 2016

Climbing the Chiltern Hill

Friday 12 August. 3 1/2 miles, 11 locks, 1 Swing bridge.

Another beautiful day. After 3 locks we arrive at the boat yard to find the oil filters sitting waiting. Next was the vehicle swing bridge, Diana's favourite, Yeh right. The next 5 locks were close together but more than walking distance apart. By now it was hot and a lunch stop was required. We are on the eastern end of Berkhamsted and Diana had been told, by a passing boater at one of the locks, that it was worth a stop. We are not sure where town centre is so we head off down a couple of locks where the canal is graced with two canal pubs and a boat yard. Best place to moor but of course every one is taken so it is through the next lock and then not much further on we find a spot. Walk off the tow path past a supermarket straight on to High St. The intention is a quick look and then a few more locks in the cool of the evening. After a stop at Costas for a coffee, internet and charge the devices it is onto the photo taking. As we head back to the boat we have a change of plans. Fish & chips for tea with the promise of an early start and a long day tomorrow. We Will See!

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  1. You will probably be doing your travelling early or late in the day with the hot weather. Very pleased to hear the filters were waiting for you.