Thursday, 11 August 2016

Wayward boats and photos.

Thursday 11 August. 4 1/2 miles, 9 locks.

The boat in front moves off and we decide to let them go until I spy activity on the lock behind. Looks like a solo boater and we prefer not to go through with some of them as it means more, rather than less for the Lock Girl. A quick crank of the engine and we are away. By the time we get to the first lock the other boat is in and going up. Diana helps them and they will wait for us at the next lock. They are an older couple (our age) and their grandson. We go through the next 7 locks with them. At one of the locks there is a bit of a wait as divers are doing a survey of the lock walls. It did mean that there were others to help us through. Most of the time the other boat would leave the lock first. The one time when I went out first there is a widebeam boat drifting loose. It looked like we would get around behind but it drifted quicker than I could get there. Diana grabbed a rope from the back and we tried to pull it back then with a bit of maneuvering we pushed and pulled it to the bank. It had been attached to a couple of old sticks one had come out and the other broken off. We left it tied to another old stick and a fence post. Probably adrift again by now. After the 8th lock we stopped for lunch and the others went on. I tried to find out if the oil filters I had ordered had arrived but with no luck. I wasn't keen to go too far in case we had to pass the boat yard before we could moor. I will pick up the filters tomorrow. Where we were was not the best place to moor so we go through one more lock and find our companions had moored up for the night so we are now just in front of them. The disaster of the day was: 
Diana tried something different in downloading her photos.but hit the DEL button instead of the Import button. So no photos of Divers, wayward boats or a number of pretty lock cottages. Good news is that it wasn't a 680 photo day.

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  1. Very pleased to hear that the lock girl has been getting lots of assistance while you are doing so many locks each day.