Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Saturday 20 August.

Bit of a sleep in this morning. Pat & Roger came to visit. We meet them on the way into Liverpool in 2014. They have a daughter in Wellington so come down under every southern summer. We introduced them to Art Deco last year and they will return for the third time next year. Their boat is moored about an hour away so they drove over. After much talking on Molly Rose we walked back up the canal to a canal side pub for a late and enjoyable lunch. After we walked them back to their car we took a familiar stroll through Braunston before returning to the boat for tea and sleep.

Sunday 21 August.

Today we are picked up by Dave who drives us the 35 minutes back to the new house they moved into 3 weeks ago. We meet Dave and Angie on the way out from Liverpool and doubled up with them going up the Wigan flight. Later on we joined them down the flight and had a few days cruising with them to Manchester. Most impressed with the design of this modern house and although mostly white interior the colours used in the furnishings blended it all together. Had a great feeling about it. They took us to a pub on the outskirts of Leicester for a Roast, it was Sunday after all. Roger and Pat joined us for the roast. We all adjourned back to the house for coffee and had a good old chinwag before returning to the boat where we finished the day with a light snack before bed.

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