Friday, 9 September 2016


Wednesday 7 September.

Not a good day. Diana woke with a bad case of vertigo and nausea. After lunch it was a question of what and how much did she want to do. We walked to Tunstall to stock up on food and found a Lidl which helped improve Diana's day as she hadn't found one this year. We didn't buy much as their selection of chocolate was not as good as we remembered. By the time we got back to the boat it was too late for the tunnel so settled in for the afternoon with Diana sitting in the sunshine on a towpath chair. That evening we were surprised by a visit from our Congleton friends who knew we were at Westport lake but had not been there before so plugged in the GPS and found us 22 minutes later. Great to see them unexpectedly. Bedtime and when Diana puts her head on the pillow the world spins again. She spends most of the night trying to sleep in a chair.

Thursday 8 September. 8 miles, 1 lock.

Diana feeling better but far from 100%. Doesn't want to bend down to aggravate the problem. We eventually get away and arrive at the tunnel with boats emerging so not much delay before we pass through. Once in to the sunshine again we turn onto the Macclesfield Canal, climb the 1 foot of our only lock today and then stop for water. A short distance further on it is a lunch stop. As we approach Congleton we stop and talk to our friends son who is working on his boat and then to his and our surprise Marion turns up on her push bike a bit short of breath. Apparently bike riding is not a common event. Shortly after we are moored up At Congleton Wharf. We are invited to go out for dinner and join the family celebrate, grandson, Harry's 17th birthday. We have now meet 4 more members of the family. A lovely gathering and very good meal as well. Back to the boat for an early night. Diana managed to get her head down OK.

Friday 9 September.

A quiet morning with the chance to do some work on the boat. After lunch we are off, by car to the supermarket. On the way we call in to watch Alan in a Crown Bowls tournament. Always a fascinating game to watch with the uneven surface. By the time the bowls finish and we had done the shopping it was Fish and Chips back at their's. Must say I was pleased that the F&C shop had a new product. Mushy Pea Fritter. I first experienced one of these in 2010 on the Ashby canal and have been looking for one ever since. Back to the boat at a reasonable hour tonight.

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  1. Good to be having a few quiet days, and lovely that your friends live so close by. Do hope Diana's vertigo does not hang about for too long, it is not very pleasant. With all the polishing and painting, Molly Rose will be looking magnificent by the time she is put to bed for the end of the season.