Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Into the top pound.

Sunday 11 september, 1 1/2 miles, 12 locks.

As we are getting ready to set off 2 boats come past so we know that there will be a delay going up. I am keen to move off to reserve our place in the que, and just as well because as we moved around the corner to the bottom of the locks another boat follows. The prospect of a slow climb up the locks is confirmed when taking to the boat ahead he tells me that they have been following the first boat and they have trouble getting their boat through bridges. there are few boats coming down so we need to empty all the locks before we can enter. We are fortunate to have a keen man in the second boat. He goes ahead to help the first boat and eventually figures out what their problem is and makes some helpful suggestions. He also opens the paddles on the lock he is leaving so it is almost empty by the time we get there. After about 3 locks Marion turns up to help which is much appreciated. Two and a half hours after we start we clear the last lock and pull over for a cuppa with Alan & Marion on the towpath. We say our final goodbyes and move on a short distance before mooring up for the day.

Monday 12 September, 4 1/2 miles.

Loverly day as we trundle through the countryside. Diana has an anxious moment as she is required to stop traffic to open a swing bridge. It is all electronic so no effort involved. Further on we reach another swing bridge which is normally open but it is not. Diana can't swing it so I nosed the boat forward and climb off the front. It takes a while to notice the locking system is broken, luckily it is in the unlocked position. It is unbalanced and very heavy to move. It looks like with the broken lock and being unbalanced it has been hit by a boat. Once we are through and closed the bridge again I ring the Canal trust to tell them what has happened. "Yes we know about that and waiting for parts". Further discussion is had about signage and a notice about the situation. As we are about to move off a hire boat comes steaming around the corner, I put my hand indicating he needs to stop but he thinks we are moored up until he sees there is a closed bridge in front of him with nowhere to go. I accept a few knocks and bruises are inevitable but being hit because of inattention is not that pleasant. When we get to Macclesfield there is room on the pontoon and as Diana is keen to see an antique dealer she has been told about in town we moor up for lunch. Diana heads off and I stay with the boat. About 1700 she has done what she needs to do and so have I. I then walk to town to pick up our pre booked tickets to Glasgow from the station, meet Diana and have a coffee and visit the chippy on the way back to the boat. We are staying the night.

Tuesday 13 September. 7 miles.

Away in the morning for a bit more trundling along on a warm sunny day. They are talking about a heatwave. Around lunch time we pull over at Bollington, eat lunch then walk into the lower part of the town for a change. Back on the boat for a few more miles before mooring up past Higher Poynton looking across at Lyme Park Keep. Beautiful evening on the towpath with drinks and nibbles. This lasted until the dark clouds move over with thunder and lightning followed by torrential rain which lasted for over an hour before the front passed. We expect a sunny hot day tomorrow with only 9 miles to go.

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