Friday, 16 September 2016

Furness Vale

Wednesday 14 September. 8 1/2 miles. 

Nice day to be boating. Stopped at Marple. While moored up we were passed by the boat that moors next to us at Furness Vale. They were on their way home too. After some lunch we went into town to take a load of books to the Charity shop where Diana found a shirt for me. Needed some polish for the boat and dehumidifier crystals to leave over winter. A cup of coffee then back for the last few miles on what is a lovely canal, mainly because it is on the side of a hill rather than down in a ditch. As we approach the last bridge, that is the beginning of the marina, we pass our Neighbors who have moored up for the night. They wanted a bit more time on the canal before leaving their boat.Nose  into the berth about 1800 and hook up to power before settling in for the night.

Thursday 15 September.

Wash the top and pontoon side of the boat. When it is dry it gets a polish as well. The weather is ideal, although a warm day the sun is hidden by clouds in the morning and then passes behind some trees so the boat is not too hot to work on. Quite noticeable how low in the sky the sun is. Takes most of the day but did have interruptions from passing locals and boaters.

Friday 16 September. 2 Miles.

Bit of a sleep in after a busy yesterday. Rain clears late morning so a bit of patch up painting is done. This is dry by late afternoon so off we go the mile up the canal to turn around outside Tesco's. A bit of food to keep us going for the next few days. Then back the mile to the marina where the boat is now backed in for washing and polishing on the other side. This leaves just 4 more miles to do. We need to go a mile north to New Mills where we will get a pump out and fill the tank with Diesel then turn around and go back past the marina to Tesco's where we turn again to come back to the marina and back in which is the way we leave it over winter.

Saturday 17 september.

Wash the other side of the boat before we walk into New Mills to buy a bit of hardware. Diana stays to check out the charity shops while I return to the boat and set about polishing the second side. It takes all afternoon.

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  1. Tidy up time definitely indicates the end of the season. I bet Molly Rose will look beautiful by the time you tuck her up for the winter.