Sunday, 3 August 2014

Back in Adlington

Sunday 3 August, 3 miles.

Sunday morning sleep in, Bacon and eggs for breakfast. Off into Chorley just before midday and walk through Astley Park to Astley Hall. Built in 1578 with additions and alterations over the centuries. There are some ornate 3D ceilings. Much of the house is furnished as was. Nice to walk through these old places and take in the atmosphere and history. An added bonus, it was "Big Drum Day" so all the time we were there there were drums playing African & Brazilian rhythms.
Moved on to Adlington and meet up with Dave & Angie who we came up the Wigan flight with 4 weeks ago. Over a drink we arranged to go back down again with them on Tuesday.

Astley Hall

The Courtyard from inside


Entrance Hall Lamp


One of about 15 different Ceiling Panels

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