Saturday, 16 August 2014

Manchester Ship Canal

Friday 15 August, 1 1/4 miles

Walked into Thelwell and down to the Penny Ferry to cross the Manchester Ship Canal, the price is now 11p. The ferry is to give continuing rights to cross over this part of the canal that was previously a public path. On the other side we set off to a bird sanctuary. The first place we checked out the gate was locked so walked on and meet a bloke with high powered binoculars and large camera lens. Yes there is a bird sanctuary but you must be a member to have a key and if I let you in I will loose my key. We reversed our tracks and continued down the side of the canal to the Latchford Locks. Crossed over and walked back to the boat for lunch and then cruised around the corner to Grappenhall for a bit of food shopping.
The Ferry Man

A Ship sized bollard


Latchford lock

Saturday 16 August 2 1/4 miles.

Stopped at Stockton heath boat yard for water & diesel. It was suggested we should go into town so after lunch we did. As the Manchester ship canal is not far away we crossed over on a swing bridge then did a few shops, back to the boat. Moved on and had to stop at "Houghs Bridge". Walked a little further down the towpath to Walton Hall Gardens. An estate now owned by the local Council. Lovely gardens and a large hall that is being renovated as a function centre.

Lots of bridges
Houghs Bridge
Walton Hall

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