Thursday, 7 August 2014

Qualified Lockie

Tuesday 5 August, 5 1/2 mile, 23 locks

Away at 0700 and into the first of the 21 Wigan flight. Dave had organised Les a local, to help us. The idea was that we tie the two boats together and leave only one helmsman to take the boats through the locks. I elected to do some lock work as I don't normally get the chance. Diana and Angie open the locks while Les and I close them. The  system worked extremely well and just over 4 hours later, including a coffee break in the middle we are down. We turn on to the Leigh branch of the Leeds to Liverpool canal and travel to Dover Lock Moorings which are considered to be the nearest one wants to be to Wigan arriving before 1400. A bit of lunch, tidied up the boat, a rest then off for pre dinner drinks at the Dover lock Inn. Dinner was a bit later than intended after an enjoyable time with Dave & Angie.
Must say I enjoyed being above the locks rather than my usual position in the locks.
Dave drives both boats in

Watching the cill takes concentration.

Molly Rose veaves a lock with no assistance from me

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  1. Pleased to know you had some assistance on the locks and sounds like lashing the boats together worked very well. Sorry we weren't with you for this return trip.