Friday, 1 August 2014

Through Blackburn

Friday, 1 August. 11 miles, 7 locks.

Early start for us. On the move by 0820 to get through Blackburn locks before the riff-raff are out of bed. The light drizzle also kept them away. Sometimes a wet day is good. Cleared Blackburn by 1200 ish then stopped for lunch out in the country. Rain got heavier over lunch so as soon as a break appeared we were off again heading for the Top Lock Pub. When we were here 3 weeks ago we were advised to try the curry so that is the aim for tonight. About 30 minutes before top lock the rain started again but it was still pleasant motoring along a tree lined canal with the rain bouncing off the water. As we approached top lock the heavens opened and all the moorings were full. The lock gate was open so in we went and left the boat in the lock until the rain eased, then out the bottom to moor where we had 3 weeks ago. Guess what Curry night is Tuesday so we enjoyed a normal pub meal.

As we came through the Blackburn locks we were joined by a couple who had been at Barrowford Locks earlier in the week. They came through a day after a hire boat had sunk in the top lock. When we first heard about the sinking we wondered if it was "Ruby"? Well it may well have been the description given is very similar to the lady we helped at Burnely and the boat was from the same hire company

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  1. All sounding very interesting with the rain, historic mills, sinking boats. Oh for the quiet life!!!! We will certainly follow with great interest when you get back to the area we covered together.