Saturday, 2 August 2014


Saturday 2 August, 2 1/2 miles 6 locks.

Rain all night with the occasional let up this morning. About 1500 the sky went blue with CB's around the edges. Decided to do some locks with the option to stop in a pound if the rain returned. Set off at 1600 and as we entered the 3rd lock it came down again so the boat is in the lock and we are inside. 20 minutes later rain stops so we complete that and the remaining 3 locks. As time is getting on and don't want to end up in Adlington looking for a mooring we decide to stop at Chorley. Just before Chorley we top up with water but give up when the tank is almost full. A thunderstorm passes over the top of us. We sit inside, on the water point, for 30 minutes before it clears and we move on to moor up in Chorley.

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