Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Hatton flight to Warwick

Tuesday 28 July. 6 1/2 miles, 15 locks, 1 Tunnel.

Down another 15 locks today. stopped after 9 for lunch. The canal guide said there were some useful shops so hoping for a bakery or similar we set off. Well if you wanted to buy some tiles or have your looks improved then they were useful. After looking around a bit it was back to our regular "Molly Rose" cafe. Finished off the rest of the locks and took the link from the Stratford Canal to the Grand Union Canal and moored up at the top of the Hatton Flight.

Wednesday 29 July. 2 1/2 miles, 21 Locks.

The Hatton flight is one of those well known/talked about places on the system. They are double locks, first for us this season. We went up them in 2010 so now it is time to go down. We are not a fan of going through doubles by ourselves as the boat can get thrown about a bit if you are not careful. Also the gates are twice as heavy. We left our mooring and went to sit on the lock moorings with the intention of waiting up to an hour for someone to join us. The couple who we had moored behind last night were taking on water so we arranged to go down with them. It was about an hour later that we all had our acts together and set off. As we entered the first lock 4 other boats turned up and the next 4 hours were spent with these crews chasing and pushing. Must be new to boating as they certainly don't understand "Canal time". The weather was fine but cool except for the one heavy summer shower that got us wet and running for rain coats. We ended the day reversing up an old canal arm at Warwick for a bit of slow time for a few days.

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