Tuesday, 7 July 2015

English Summer

Monday 6 July, 4 1/2 miles.

Sun was up early but we chose to linger in bed for a while. When we did get up I put the generator out to run the washing machine. Drizzle started followed by rain so the generator came back on board. Brightened up a bit before lunch so off we go. The break in the weather didn't last long so with wet weather gear on we continued to Norbury Junction. First pump out since Market Drayton. The rain stopped at an opportune time on the way as I wanted pictures of Molly Rose under the High Bridge. There was a que for the pump out, that's OK not raining. After the very full tank was emptied we moved off to a mooring for lunch and a small engine repair. The weather has been OK for a while so off we go again and on que the rain starts so on goes the wet weather gear again. As we approach Gnosall I pull over and leave Diana with the boat to see if there are any moorings ahead as I particularly want to walk into Gnosall. Diana has memories from 2010 of lots of the buildings. I have non. No moorings so we stay where we are under trees with a muddy towpath. Walk into town and I still don't have any recall of the place until we return to the tow path down a different road and I recognise "The Boat Inn". Hope to get away at a reasonable time tomorrow as getting close to Wolverhampton to meet friends on Thursday is not looking good.

The Rain stopped soon after

The Boat Inn

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