Thursday, 30 July 2015


Thursday 30 July. 0 miles. ?? op shops.

Well not quite 0 miles today. we were breasted up last night and this morning the other boat wanted to move. I untied the front and pushed the bow to the other side of the canal. They slid their boat out the gap and I pushed the bow back and tied up again. Ballet on water. A quiet day after yesterday's locks. In the afternoon we wandered into Warwick where I went to the library and found a book about the house my Granny lived in as a teenager before the family emigrated to NZ. Managed to photocopy the relevant pages. Got in touch with Rachel (daughter) who flew into Heathrow last night. Her and Trevor are arriving by bus tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing them and showing them the warwick connection.

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  1. How exciting to find a book on a old family home. have a great time in Warwick with Rachel exploring family history.