Monday, 20 July 2015

Kiwi Bachelor's

Sunday 19 July. 0 miles

A bit of a sleep in followed by a tidy up of the boat and a couple of hours of engine running to bring the batteries up. After lunch I set off on the tow path down the Birmingham & Fazeley canal  to Aston  junction then followed the Digbeth branch to the Science Museum. They had a new Spitfire gallery that sounded good. There was a Spitfire and Hurricane hanging from the ceiling which was good to see but the rest of the museum was in the new style. Interactive for kids. Nothing wrong with that but not my kind of museum. Took a wonder through Digbeth then made my way back to Snow Hill station where a steam train excursion from Stratford was due. Great to see this old locomotive come into the station pulling a great line of antique carriages. I had earlier contemplated doing the trip to Stratford and back but not something to do by yourself. Back to the boat for tea and to bed to the sounds of confrontation from the pub across the water. Didn't expect that on a Sunday night.

Monday 20 July. 0 miles.

Late start again. Did the weekly checks on the boat and dried out the bilges. Recharged the batteries on the boat, PC & tablets. After lunch walked a different area of the canals and into town where the Rugby world cup road show was on display. Reminded some that we were the holders. Pity I wasn't wearing my RWC shirt. Passed Are'n'are and chated with Barry. Sampled some home brew and then set off for the pub. Sandra is off the boat at the moment. Two Kiwi bachelor's spent a pleasant night together.

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