Sunday, 26 July 2015

Looking for positives

Sunday 26 July. 4 miles.

Another one out of the box. "Yeh right". After enjoying a reasonable day traveling on the canals yesterday we were looking forward to a bit more of the same today. Didn't happen. Rained all morning then reduced to drizzle so headed off to The Wharf Tavern at Hockley Heath for Sunday Roast. Not too bad in the drizzle but arrived cold. Managed a mooring only 3 boats away from the tavern so that was a positive for the day. We had a nice Sunday Roast, not the best ever but another positive for the day. Stayed a couple of hours in the warm before returning to the boat in more rain. I don't expect to venture out again today. When we went for lunch we entered via the towpath and car park. Before we left I put my nose out the front door and there across the road was a McLaren showroom. Millions of pounds worth of exotic cars on display. Will go and have a look tomorrow when the show room is open. Another positive.

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