Monday, 26 May 2014

I can smell the sea air.

Friday 23. 12 miles, 8 locks, 3 swing bridges.
After thinking we had stopped at a peaceful place it turns out the local youths use the other side of the canal as a track to go somewhere. When we were in bed there was a lot of yelling and abuse hurled across the canal. On their way back some hours later they did the same and also heaved a stick at the boat. We kept our heads down and they carried on their way.
As we set off with a short run to Wigan another boat came around the corner so we had the company of a couple of Aussies from Diamond Creek to go through the locks with us. These were the first locks where we went up. At Wigan they turned right and we turned left so on our own again. I went looking for the Canal trust office to soon find they had gone home for the day. Off we go again, down the first lock and then again help arrives with another boat to help us through the next 3 locks before they pulled into their marina.Two more locks for us before we pull into Parbold. Once again we deserved a pub meal. First pub full, second one gave us a great meal and live music. We will be passing this way again with Joan & Denis so expect another pub meal then.

Saturday 24. 5 miles, 6 locks, 2 swing bridges
The previous night Diana had seen a couple of shops that needed her attention so she set off and I followed after a while. We had lunch at a local coffee shop before off to the DIY shop and supermarket. About now the heavens opened. After returning to the boat we put on our best wet weather gear and set off. As we turned up the Rufford Branch a boat full of blokes joined us. They had been waiting for someone to go through with. About now the rain eased up and eventually stopped. After 6 locks we stopped and left them to do the last by themselves. We stopped where two other boats were for a bit of security. It turns they we unoccupied.
View from Kitchen window

Sunday 25. 5 miles, 1 lock, 3 swing bridges.
In preparation for tomorrow I gave the boat a good checkover. Engine & gearbox oil, water, fan belts, cleared some rubbish from around the prop, emptied a build up of rainwater from the bilges etc. With this all done we passed through Rufford and stopped to look through Old Rufford Hall a National trust property. A couple of hours later off to Tarleton. As we pulled into a mooring at Tarleton a lock keeper from the Canal & River Trust came and gave us a briefing for tomorrow. I then rigged the anchor, and we made sure we could fit our life jackets before going to bed dreaming of what tomorrow might bring.
Just one more lock yo sea level.

One of many Top
Old Rufford Hall


  1. Hi, we have ben reading your blog and what a coincidence to find out your from Napier, same us us.
    We have bought a 57 foot NB, FireflyNZ, and been over here travelling since 4th April last year. We picked our boat up in Crooke marina Wigan , you've just past through there, and our one day of tuition involved a return trip to Parbold.
    You certainly need to pick your overnight moorings around the Wigan area.
    At the present time we are heading down the Grand Union to London then onto Bath. We have a couple of kiwi mates coming over to do the Bath to London return trip with us.
    We planned on spending a couple of years doing this and are enjoying the lifestyle.
    Hope all goes well and you enjoy the experience...
    I do a blog for those at home...
    Cheers.. Ray & Leonie Eddington... Napier NZ..

  2. Look forward to a pub meal at Parbold

  3. Hi both. Great pics...sorry about the rain.pity we cannot get onto the Lancaster. Have you looked at this site.? Not used it myself but others I have spoken highly.

  4. Sorry the site is