Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Marple 16

Monday 14. 5 miles 2 swing & 2 lift bridges.
Hooray. The weather is fine and we are away. Paid a few bills at the marina. Didn't have that problem in 2010 when we swapped the 5th wheeler for Dave & Lynn's "Llanarrow". A gentle and peaceful run through the country side. If you want to enjoy the smells that we got as we passed the Matlows factory at New Mills, put a few boiled sweets in a pan and melt at a low heat. Marple top lock was the destination for today. A coffee in town then a walk down the locks to see what was in store for tomorrow.

Thursday 15. 1 mile, 16 locks. 214ft vertically
The day started with finding that I hadn't tightened up a jubilee clip enough when I replaced a leaking pipe last week. Under the sink was saturated. The clip is now tight. Off to the top of what we have been told are some of the toughest  and deepest locks on the network. Yes Dave, you were right, especially as Diana had not swung on a windlass in almost 4 years.
As we approached the top lock Diana indicates that a boat is coming up. This is good news as all the locks will be full for our trip down. Wrong. The person approaching was a CRT volunteer to tell us we were not going anywhere as most of the ponds were empty. Still not sure if a paddle had been left open or there was a leak in the canal. A couple of hours later he decided there was enough water for us to start down. What a god sent this volunteer was as he help Diana with all 16 locks. Some of which she just could not open, I tried to help and yes they were tough.
2 1/2 hours later we were at bottom lock and tied up for the Night.
Lock 16 Going down
Lock 1. Made it

This volunteer made our day

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  1. Great that you are finally on the way. Little things like the leak under the sink remind us of what happens when away in the motorhome. Guess it is much the same..