Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Monday 12
Nick at T W Marine is very good at what he does and has customers all around the world. Trouble is he is in such demand and being at his door step doesn't put you at the head of the que but he will get to your problem on the day. Eberspacher was fixed late in the day and the leaky flange will be repacked first thing in the morning. We settled in for the night in a nice warm boat.

Tuesday 13
Nick calls in Jim to fix the leak. Not the simple job it should have been. After much discussion it turns out that a modification has been made since last time it was repacked and the engine will have to be moved to do the job. At this point Diana and I decide to walk to New Mills to see the bank about the debit card. British banking not getting any easier. The fantastic manager had spent the morning trying to sort out what had happened to the card to be told a card can't be issued on that type of account. He then managed to find a solution by opening a new account. Half an hour after we started they needed to see my passport. Your right, passport on the boat, time is 1430, bank closes 1530. A quick return trip to the boat 55min. I left the bank at 1630, everything signed and sent off. We now wait to see if it works as intended.

Back to the boat issue: We arrive back after every one had gone home to find boat all closed up and tidy.Talked to Nick later and they couldn't repack the flange but have changed things around enough to tighten it up to stop the leak. Looks like next winter they will move the engine forward enough to make repacking the flange an easier job. So although we are a day behind the program waiting should be over tomorrow and we will be in Marple for the night.

Finished the day with dinner at our local pub, the "Soldier Dick" voted the best pub in Derbyshire 2013.

Last time on the canals we watched the ducklings grow as a way to measure the passing of time

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  1. Well that all sounds a bit up and down for you, but seems to have worked out in the end. Now on to the real journey, good luck.