Tuesday, 20 May 2014

On to the Ashton

Saturday 17 May. 0 miles Zero Alternator.
Last night after pumping out the loo we backed out from the Portland Basin Marina and I noticed the charging warning light was on.
This morning Guy from the marina confirmed it busted and the best he could do was to have it sent to the re conditioner on Monday. Mean time we could put the boat on one of his mooring with power and he provided a battery charger to keep the batteries alive.We had a look around Aston-Under-Lyne. It was their once a year market so plenty to see and eat

Sunday 18 May. 0 miles.
We had intended to take the tram into Manchester but Diana was reluctant to go far from the boat.
During the night she woke me saying someone was on the boat. I couldn't hear anything but got up and looked around and couldn't see anything. In the morning the bow mooring line was missing the rear line was undone and the center line was very slack. She was right someone had been on the boat.
I attach the lines differently now.

Monday 19 May.0 miles.
First thing was to get the alternator off and into the Marina for them to organise fixing.
Diana made a quick trip to AZDA to return a Duvet we bought yesterday. She had seen an "IKEA" store and needed to go there so buying a Duvet there was a good start. She came back to the boat for lunch then we went to town to the bank and I left Diana at Ikea. A new alternator arrived at 4:30 but by the time it was in it was too late to move.

Tuesday 20 May. 2 1/2 miles.
The advise going through Manchester is to start the 18 locks before 10am. there was no way we could do that. By the time we had my engineering skills! checked and sorted payment to the marina it was 1130. We have moved down the Ashton as far as the locks and are in a new secure marina which is still being developed.

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  1. Your mechanical skills will become very advanced by the time you complete this trip.