Sunday, 11 May 2014

Shake down cruise.

Thursday 8 May.-3 miles, 1 swing bridge (twice).
Weather not the best and no boats were coming past so waited for someone to tell us they got passed the sunken cruiser. Got away after lunch heading north to the first winding hole (A wider part of the canal where you can turn around. Turned and passed the Marina again before mooring up at Bugsworth Basin. The busiest inland port on the canal network. The preservation society have done a great job of restoration and promoting the history. Dinner at the Navigation Inn.
Diana's first swing bridge.
The empty space

Friday 9 May.
English summer not improving. Picked up for a while in the afternoon so explored the basin before hunkering down for the night.
Molly Rose in front of The Navigation Inn

Sat 10th May.  less than 1 mile. A significant day. Brother Al should have turned 60.  
Forecast max temp 9C. Moved to Whaley Bridge. Why? because it was near. Took a walk through the town to find it full of interesting antique shops. Closed! Back to the boat to dodge the rain and warm up. Yeh Right. The Eberspacher (diesel heater) decided not to work. Hottie and a feather duvet got us through the night.
An old tramway that brought limestone to the Whaley Bridge Canal

15 years in Wellington winds couldn't blow out an umbrella But one day in Whaley Bridge could.

Sun 11 May. Just over a mile.
Tesco supermarket is alongside the canal so we did a bit of shopping. Now I have rum on the boat and Diana has whiskey. Just to help keep us warm of course. Now back on the Marina at Furness Vale so Nick, the boat expert, can sort out some of the issues and help me understand a bit more about the workings of Molly Rose. Backing into the marina was an interesting exercise but the owners of the boat next door were very helpful. A great way to meet your neighbors. Even better when they offer an electric heater for the night.


  1. Great to see your photos, to follow your 'happenings'. Hope the weather improves by the time you feel more hands on.

  2. Had a great 'celebration' for Al on packsaddle hill. Sounds like you have a few teething issues to sort "all part of the adventure" !!!!

  3. We loved Whaley Bridge, there's a fabulous old pub there though the name escapes me! When we visited in 2009 they had a strippergram on for someone's 60th lol!
    Hope to meet you both in the near future 'on the cut'.
    The weather is just a part of being in UK, you get the beauty and accept the conditions - at least that's what Barry tells this pom who moved to NZ for the sunshine and got brought back here lol!