Thursday, 24 July 2014

A change of pace

Thursday 24 July, 0 miles (on canals) 4 1/2 miles cross country.

 The morning started with a plan to wait at the bottom of the first lock for a boat to pair up with. Before we get going a CRT bloke comes past and we start talking. Have you been to Malham? No, why should we? Its the best place in Yorkshire, Bill Bryson chose to live there, Some of the Harry Potter films were filmed there and a few other points were made. It is only five miles away and the bus goes once a day. We decide to see what it is all about. At the bus stop we find bus only goes Mon, Wed & Friday. Call in for a coffee at a tea rooms and have further discussions about Malham so grab the only cab in town and take a ride out there. No cell phone coverage so arrange a pick up at 1700. The area is limestone country with stunning waterfalls. Not this summer though, no recent rain. We set off on a gentle climb to the base of Malham Cove. Then there is the 440 steps to the top which looks like a glacier in stone. Not that easy to walk on. From the top we go cross country to Cordale bridge where a refreshment truck was doing great business on this mid 20's day. Up the road a bit further and walk into a chasm to Cordale Scar. Reminded me a bit of walking into the Bungle bungle's. The return trip was down a stream, bush covered for the first half then out onto farmland . I do enjoy the public paths across farmers land in this country. Back to Malham with 20 minutes to spare before the taxi brings us back to Gargrave. Should sleep well tonight.

The walk into Malham Cove
The steps came up the far side of the escarpment
Th top looks like a glacier or similar to the Giants causeway in Ireland
The track in from above.
A typical dry stone wall scene
More dry stone walls

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  1. Photos show it must have been an interesting walk. Don't fancy 440 steps but must have been worth it.