Saturday, 26 July 2014

Crawling through the country side

Friday 25 July, 4 1/2 miles, 9 locks

A hot day. Slowly climbed up the first three locks before being taught up by another boat to help us up the next 6. Found a tree to moor under for a late lunch during the heat of the day. Moved on to East Marton. On the way north we had noted that this place had a historic connection to travelling Monks. All that was there was a restaurant and horse agistment centre The restaurant was a stopping place for the Monks during there pilgrimages. Two large cold drinks were on order. Moving on a couple of bridges we moored up in one of those nice to be by ourselves places.

One of those nice to be places

Saturday 26 July, 4 miles, 3 locks.

Lovely peaceful morning, that was until we put the generator on to wash some clothes and charge up the electronics. Got away about 1100 and as we entered the first lock another boat comes around the corner to join us. "Tane Mahuta". As he came alongside he said sorry we are Aussies, bought the boat from a Kiwi. My reply was bought ours from an Aussie. As we left the last lock I told him of the Pub down the road where we would be stopping at tonight. We found a mooring before the pub and Diana went ahead to see if the pub mooring was available. No all full so we stayed where we were and had a quiet afternoon. A few ZZZZ,s for me. Later on I took a walk along the towpath to find that Tane Mahuta was on the pub mooring so had a chat and meet them in the pub for a couple of pints later. Sharon you can expect to meet Ann Blanchford on the Gibb River Challenge next year. It's Karaoke at the pub tonight so guess we have the better mooring.

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  1. Should be interesting doing the trip travelling in the opposite direction. Some things may look different and others much the same, but you do have the opportunity to stop in different places. Do you want us to grab a plane and assist you on the way back down the locks to Wigan.