Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Clear of the Bad Lands

Tuesday 15 July. 4 miles

After a peaceful night north of Burnley we had a slow start with me fiddling on the outside and Diana fiddling (cleaning) on the inside. We set off along a meandering canal through countryside and industrial sites. then at a convenient bridge I spied a B & Q, very much a Mitre 10 store. I needed a bit of ply so we stopped and I found what I needed. Also we now have flower pots on the boat!!!! Then less than a mile on we found a secure mooring alongside a Morrisons supermarket. We needed our handcuff key to gain access but this meant we could get our trolley to within 10 yards of the boat. It beats carrying bags of food along the towpath. The boat is now restocked with heavy nonperishables. We set off with 3 bridges to the bottom of the 7 lock Barrowford flight. Even with a great evening ahead we think it is a bit late to start up so spend the time on the back of the boat for drinks, nibbles and dinner.

My view with flower pots
The locks can wait till tomorrow
One of the best sights today was a recycling depot, exclusive to boaters, with a waste oil collection as well. If we want clean canals this is a good way to start. lets have them every 50 miles or so?

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