Tuesday, 22 July 2014

You have to ask the right question.

22 July, 4 3/4 miles , 3 locks, 5 swing bridges.

Up this morning and down to the boatyard to pick up two oil filters that were going to be available last Friday. Sorry, no they have not got the Fram PH3950, it has to come from the manufacturer. So we have a long discussion, there is a similar filter that we could have here in an hour or we could have two this afternoon. Do you want the small or large version. Who knows so lets get the small, the large might not fit. As it has all taken so long I ask that they do the oil change when the filter arrives. On schedule the filters arrive and the mechanic removes the oil, looks at the filter and says this is not the best filter we should use the one we have in stock since last week. If I had asked if they had a Fram Ph3950 or a substitute then The oil change would have been done over the weekend and we would have got away yesterday.
We left Skipton at 1600 on a hot calm day. It was nice to get some air moving through the boat. An ice cream van parked at a swing bridge helped. Passing through the area adjacent to the Yorkshire Dales is rather pleasant, it was cloudy and windy last time we were here.

Yorkshire Dales
From the back of the boat with a drink in hand

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