Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Top of the hill

16 July, 4 1/4 miles, 1 mile underground. 7 locks

Started the day coming up the Barrowford locks. Teamed up for the climb which always helps. There were some very leaky gates and low water in many ponds. Interesting there are notices everywhere telling us how to save water and tons could be saved with a bit of maintenance. At the top of the locks we head towards the Foulridge tunnel. There are a number of boats heading off as the tunnel is one way and controlled hy lights. You get a green for 10 minutes every hour. We were lucky to follow an old boat towing a butty. Once through we stopped at Foulridge for lunch and a walk around a small village. Now we are on, what they say is the prettiest section on the canal so we take it slow and pull up at Salterforth, the rain comes down and we sit it out. About 5pm rain eases and we go to the village, takes about 10 minutes to see it all so back to the boat. Fortunately there is a pub, Anchor Inn, above the boat so call in for a pint. The most friendly we have found so far. The pub has an interesting history. When the canal was built the basement flooded so what had been the bar is now the basement,the first floor is now the bar and an additional floor has been added above.

View from a dry place
Inside the tunnel

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  1. Pleased to hear you are continuing to enjoy the pubs, have had company at the locks, and also the occasional bit of rain. Weather should be better for you to continue on the pretty section of the Leeds Liverpool canal. Thinking of you and our great time together on Molly Rose