Monday, 21 July 2014

Time to turn around

19 July, zero.

A wet morning in Skipton following the thunder and lightning in the middle of the night. Market day, Went to get some oil filters that had been ordered. Someone forgot so they won't be here till Tuesday. Wandered around the market and shops. Fined up a bit later in the afternoon so went to the supermarket for food and source oil for the boats scheduled oil change. After tea went exploring the suburbs, we went at least  2 streets away from the main street.


20 July, zero.

Bit of a domestic morning on the boat. Meet Pete and Sue for a Sunday Roast. I have had better. We all took a walk up the Springs canal that goes under Skipton Castle. Finishing the day with a coffee and Cider on the towpath beside Sokai.
Castle from below

The long drop
21 July zero.

Pete & Sue leave today heading for York. They pull up alongside with 2 pork pies for me. Pete had been up early and gone to "J Stanforth" The  celebrated pork pie establishment. Well know in the area for the quality of their pies. They brest up and stop for a coffee while we sample a pie. Their reputation is justified. It was sad to see them go, we even had a thought about heading to York with them. I'm sure we will see them again. Skipton Castle was next on the list. A well preserved Castle and very well presented. After the castle I passed the Pork pie shop so topped up with another couple to keep me going. Next was a model shop where I was tempted to buy a canal boat for the train set but at 40 quid decided not to. Back on the boat to do a bit of maintenance then off to Bizzie Lizzie's for tea. When you find a good F & C shop you must use it while you can.

Pete & Sue head for York
The Gate to Skipton Castle
We have decided to change our plans and will turn the boat around tomorrow and head back to Wigan then down the Bridgewater onto the Trent and Mersey, up the Macclesfield and home to Furness Vale. In time the trip is about the same but the comparisons are 93 miles and 151 locks or 150 miles and 106 locks. We keep hearing how hard the locks are on the shorter route so think it would be better to get back onto a narrow canal. We have found the canals different this trip so it would be nice to travel over some we have done before to see if the difference is where we are or have things changed with the shift from "British Waterways" to "Canal and River Trust" control.

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