Thursday, 21 May 2015

2 different days

Wednesday 20 May, 0 miles. 1 op shop.

What a bleak day it was. As Diana was walking down the boat the sun came out but she didn't get to see it as she was between windows at the time. Diana went back to the op shop but I didn't get off until late afternoon when the day improved a bit. I put the first of the silver ferns on the side at the front. It looks great. The other goes on when we moor up on the other side.

It is a Kiwi boat

Thursday 21 May, 7 1/2 miles, 2 swing bridges. 1 op shop.

When we woke the sun is starting to break through the clouds. By late morning it is feeling a bit like spring. We motor off the 3 miles to Macclesfield where we stop for lunch and walk into town. Just a few things to buy. Back on the boat late afternoon and we continue south through delightful country side. We remember why we do this and concentrate on these type of days. End the day sitting on the back, in the sunshine, with wine, cheese and crackers watching the ducklings , listening to the cows and lambs, occasional being reminded of the other world as we hear a train rush past doing 100 mph. Looking forward to Fish and Chips with Marian & Alan in Congleton tomorrow but first there are 12 locks, first this year.

Enjoy the evening Diana there are 12 locks around the corner.

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  1. We can picture you at the back of the boat with hou drinks and nibbles. Hope the weather continues to improve. You may have heard we had snow in Napier today