Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Back to walking .

Tuesday May 5. 0 miles, 0 locks.
Up at a reasonable hour to return the rental car to Hazel Grove. Bus in Stockport to see how we can improve our mobile wifi. Another mission. After an hour trying to establish an account with the phone company so we can go on a plan. It all fell over when we couldn't give them a post code. Tried the marina one. No go. Tried Murray 's in Glasgow. No go. In the mean time we have a pay as you go at more than twice the price. Not to bad at the moment as the marina has wifi.
The other issue we are trying to sort out is that Diana has lost all her contacts in her laptop and ipad making it very difficult for her to send out her daily photos. Best advice so far is to take a train into Manchester where there is a Mac shop. Another option is to go to the Trafford Centre where there is another Mac shop next to a canal. If we rush we can be there in a week.

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  1. We have all become very dependent on technology havent we